Demystifying Plugins

50k+ Plugins. How do you know whats good?

What’s the goal?

Make a list of what you need to accomplish.

Maybe you need more than 1 plugin?

The number of plugins on your site doesn’t matter

The Quality of the Plugin(s) Matter Most.

“A plugin does one thing and that one thing well.”

-Andrew Norcross

How do you Search for a Plugin? aka “the repo”

Is the plugin actively supported?

Updates Are Important

Is the plugin documented?
Is there a FAQ?
Do they answer support questions?
What do the lowest reviews look like?

Do I know (of) the Author?

Does the author have other plugins? Are those plugins popular/supported?

Are there any articles about the author/plugin?

Does the author have their own site? Is it used actively?

Are they involved in the community?

I found a few, now what?

Refer to your checklist

All things considered, pick the lean choice.

Maybe you need more than 1 plugin?

A plugin should do 1 thing!*

I’ve decided, what now?

Test it out on your staging server. Avoid the white screen of death 🙁

Same host, cheap host, desktop server, etc

It works but it seems slow?

Test the performance!

P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)
Query Monitor (Advanced plugin)
WP Profile (CLI Interface)


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