Slack & Community Policy


Welcome to WordPress DFW Slack 🙂

I look forward to you being part of this community! I want to note a few things to help get you situated, and to understand our expectations for members.

Community Conduct Policy

First off, a brief reminder of our community conduct policy. That is:

  • Be nice, courteous, and generally give folks the benefit of the doubt.
  • Follow the golden rule, by treating others as you wish to be treated.
  • Abuse of any kind is not tolerated, and if we discover it, you may be removed from Slack and as a member at our sole discretion.
  • Keep conversations focused, in some form or fashion, around WordPress and things that affect WordPress professionals.
  • Some topics (politics, religion, etc) that are especially sensitive for many people, should be mostly off limits.
  • Many members run products or services you may use. While it’s fine to engage those people, please remember this Slack isn’t their support channel, so if you need specific support, please use those appropriate avenues.

If you ever identify someone not following this conduct policy, please message @mgratch immediately. Or email

Explore Channels

Please look around at the variety of channels available to you! Pretty much any conversation is safe for #general (as long as it follows the policy above), but there are many other distinct topics. Check out #ecommerce, #wpbusiness, #learntogether, #genesis and #heavydev for instance. If you want more off-topic friendly options, try #life or #tech. And keep an eye out for event specific channels like #wcus, as those are great when you’re planning to attend an event!